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RussEllectric is a full service electrical contracting company serving residential and commercial customers in the Green Bay, Oconto Falls and Coleman area, that specializes in Electrician Services, Electrical Contractor Services and Trenching Services for the Green Bay, Oconto Falls and Coleman area..

RussEllectric has been in operation for many years and is conveniently located in the heart of Oconto Falls, which allows us to offer quick and efficient services to anyone in the Green Bay, Oconto Falls and Coleman area. As RussEllectric aims to provide fast and friendly service to all of its customers. We understand how dangerous and distressing an electrical emergency can be, and we aim to not only provide a quick emergency response, but also to provide quality advice and information as soon as we receive your call so that you can take the necessary measures to remain safe and sound until our team of professional electrical engineers arrive on site.

RussEllectric is large enough to cater to commercial clients yet not so big a company that our clients become numbers. When you call RussEllectric, you will always be treated with courtesy and professionalism, and never made to feel like your call is not as important as someone else's. Every inquiry is treated based on its urgency as our priority is the safety and well-being of our customers, big or small. When RussEllectric was created, we made it our pride and mission to treat each and every one of our customers with the level of respect they deserve. There are way too many electrical companies out there who start up to make money and end up neglecting small paying customers or complicated installations and repairs. We are proud to say that we are not one of them and that you can rely on each and every member of our team to treat you with the respect that you deserve, whatever the size of your problem or project.

All our electrical engineers are trained, qualified and have years of experience in the electrical business. They are knowledgeable individuals who are happy to go the extra mile by offering not only superior services but also additional information or advice based on your situation. When you welcome them into your home or business, they will always treat you with courtesy and work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can resume your daily activities with minimal disruption and delay.

And if there's anything else we can do to make your experience any better, just ask. We appreciate your interest and look forward to earning your business.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (920) 834-4268 or by email.

Electrical Tips

  • Circuit - This is the path an electric current travels from where it enters your house, through a panel, across wires and finally into an electrical device, then back to its origination point.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - Known as the GFCI, this is a special circuit breaker installed in bathrooms, garages, and outdoors and garage locations. When a current leakage occurs the GFCI opens the circuit immediately, stopping the electricity from running to it.
  • Circuit breakers - Heavy duty safety switches that serve the same purpose as fuses.
  • Grounding - This requires all metal parts of any wiring system or anything connected to it will be maintained at 0 volts during a short circuit to protect shock or death.